03/16/01 - BBC Radio 1 Essential Relief Knockout Semifinal - Fatboy Slim vs Lottie Dj Sets

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Tracklist by woka77:

Essential Relief Semi Final 1 - Lottie vs Fatboy Slim
Demon vs Heartbreaker - 'You Are My High' (Source)
Mojolators - 'To The Music' (Moody Recordings)
DJ Sneak - 'Smokey Hill Street' (Magnet/Bold)
Chubby Chunks Vol 1 - 'Testament One' (Cleveland City Records)

Fatboy Slim
Alex Gopher - 'Party (Accapella)' (Solid)
Scanty Sandwich - 'Start Up' (Southern Fried)
Fatboy Slim - 'Star 69' (Skint)
Espionage - 'A Revelation' (Rosenberg Ent)
Fatboy Slim - 'Rockafella (Accapella)' (Skint)
Princess Diana - 'Der Funk' (White Label)
Fatboy Slim - 'Bird Of Prey (Left Mix)' (White Label)
Underworld - 'Born Slippy' (Junior)
Groove Armada - 'At The River' (Pepper)